Kvantifikator för en Dag

Essays dedicated to Dag Westerståhl on his sixtieth birthday



Kristoffer Ahlström, Realism and scientific failure

Alexander Almér, From scepticism to metaphysical naturalism

Jan Almäng, McDowell’s naturalism

Staffan Carlshamre, Art as meaning and manipulation

Robin Cooper, A record type theoretic account of copredication and dynamic generalized quantification

Elisabet Engdahl, A puzzle about Dag’s book

Mats Furberg, Filosofiskt 50-tal i Göteborg

Peter Georgsson, Nietzsche och reklamen

Björn Haglund, Normative discharge

Ingvar Johansson, Respect for logic

Felix Larsson, What? More Better?

Palle Leth, What is stated and cohesion

Per Lindström, A proof of Gödel’s theorem

Helge Malmgren, Presentations, re-presentations and learning

Christian Munthe, Naturalist farewells to philosophy: a note

Sven Nyholm, Reason-based value or value-based reasons?

Peter Pagin, 'Means that' and the liar

Ingmar Persson, Why there cannot be transitivity with respect to supervenient properties

Dag Prawitz, Logik, filosofi och Spinoza

Claes Strannegård, Goal-driven reasoning in first-order logic

Christer Svennerlind, Two versions of an argument for particularism

Anders Tolland, Förnuftet vs ontologin

Carl-Gustaf Wikstrand, Om bildteckens uttryck och innehåll