Philosophical Communications, Web Series, No. 32
Dept. of Philosophy, Göteborg University, Sweden
ISSN 1652-0459

Ursus Philosophicus

Essays dedicated to Björn Haglund on his sixtieth birthday


Bengt Brülde: Happiness and the good life

Staffan Carlshamre: Truth in (of) fiction

Robin Cooper: Dynamic generalised quantifiers and hypothetical contexts

Mats Furberg: “...darüber muß man schweigen”

Dick Haglund: Aspect change, phenomenology, and the testability of religious belief

Ingvar Johansson: The ontology of temperature

Felix Larsson: A dark horse, Yon Cow

Staffan Larsson: The magic of negative introspection

Per Lindström: Remarks on the alleged non-determinateness of certain mathematical concepts

Helge Malmgren: The manifest image

Christer Svennerlind: Ivar Segelberg on relations

Anders Tolland: The good woman of Madison County

Stellan Welin: The winner takes it all

Dag Westerståhl: Perspectives on the dispute between intuitionistic and classical mathematics

Carl-Gustaf Wikstrand: Some remarks on experience and objects of experience